Gutter Guard Protection Vs Leaf Guard Protection


Your gutter system is pretty important and should be protected. One way is to cover it which will help in better maintenance of your home. Using a gutter guard or leaf guard system is a significant way to protect it. A leaf guard will be built into the gutter itself which will in turn prevent debris from settling inside of. On the other hand, gutter guards are inserted or attached over a gutter to protect the debris from resting in the gutter.

• Leaf Guards Are Built in While Gutter Guards Are Installed Over
One of the advantages of leaf guard protection system is the fact that you do not have to interfere with your roof for it to be fixed. Interfering with your roof could bring problems if it is not fixed properly. To have rain and ice water flow from your roof into your tank with ease while at the same time keeping away leaves and other debris, this system will be built inside the gutter. On the other hand, gutter guards will be inserted over the gutter system itself.
• Leaf Guards Do Not Sag
A leaf guard system is not prone to sagging because it is not attached into sections. This brings the difference between this system and a gutter guard system. For the latter they are installed in sections which make them a risk in case there is a strong storm. They can be blown off or end up sagging unlike their counterpart.
• Leaf Guard Protection Do Not Interfere With Roof Warranty
You will maintain the warranty of your roof and avoid dipping into your pocket for repairs as long as the warranty is valid. Interfering with your roof could mean that your warranty is voided. For leaf guard protection, your roof is not touched thus no chance of voiding your warranty.
• Easy To Install
Although it is best that the gutter guard systems are installed by a qualified instructor, leaf guard protection is easier to install than other types of gutter guard systems. They are also easy to clean considering that you do not have to remove them for cleaning.
• Reduces the Frequency of Cleaning

Leaf and gutter guards play an important role when it comes to cleaning your gutters. It’s recommended that a gutter is cleaned at least yearly when it’s not covered. Installing one of these guards will reduce not only the difficulty of cleaning of cleaning, but also the frequency.

The two gutter guards systems are ideal for almost every type of home or roof and when all factors are considered, they will definitely serve the purpose. They are all available in different varieties depending on what you deem most ideal.
Conveying water in the gutter is as important thus this should not be hindered by leaves among other debris. If you are not sure which the best option is when it comes to a gutter guard, it is advisable that you talk to a reputable home improvement professional and visit there website.